Rockin' the "Old Rugged Cross" 

In all my time as a Christian and being a Worship Leader within the church, I've been mainly motivated and moved in my praise through contemporary Christian artists like Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Kristian Stanfill, Mercy Me, and many more heard on KLOVE and AIR1.

Hymns...not so much to be honest. BUT - many hymns have taken new meaning and feeling for me since these worship artists have revamped the traditional and brought it to the contemporary. A couple of my favorites are:
Many artists from Crowder to Alabama have done their versions of "Old Rugged Cross" as well. It's a popular hymn with powerful lyrics. I was asked to help play guitar for someone to sing it on Easter Sunday this year, and while I was practicing the more traditional, hymnal way of playing it, I couldn't help (I get bored quickly sometimes) but to jazz it up a bit! The more I fooled with the chord progressions, the more I decided to make a recording of it, which led to putting the final version on my album, "God Is My Song," which releases January 2019 with 10 other original worship songs. The hymn points straight to the cross as our strength in times of struggle, which perfectly fit with the theme of my album. I love when inspiration hits me through singing God's music back to Him in worship. 
I hope you enjoy this version of "The Old Rugged Cross." I hope it inspires you like it has me to "cling to the old rugged cross" until we one day, "exchange it for a crown."

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