Kevin Ray Nichols is Christian Contemporary artist with a desire to bring encouragement of God's Word through music. 

Kevin Ray has been a worship leader in the church since 2006 across several countries including the Middle East during his time in the U.S. Air Force, and has been writing Christian Contemporary praise and blues songs; passionate in using his spiritual gifts in encouragement and discernment together with writing music in an experience that is heartfelt and Spiritual-led. 

Kevin desires a ministry to encourage and strengthen people toward God through music and worship leading. God has called him to use music as a platform to share the Word of God in each music project he writes. His new single “Triumph & Tragedy” has touched several people searching for a need to be loved by our Creator. Proceeds from his music is poured back into this vision in hopes to reach more people for Christ.

Kevin Ray Nichols’ current album, "God Is My Song," is one he’s really excited about. It’s the one he’s been wanting to write; the one Kevin Ray wanted to be his first album, but music has a way of expressing our soul in its present state. He appropriately titled his sophomore album, “God Is My Song.” This album is full of songs Kevin's heart needed to hear right now. His heart poured out songs he didn’t think were there. The original title idea was going to be “A Joyful Noise,” but it came to pass that many of these songs are more worshipful in the Christian Contemporary vein and express some hurt, struggles, and imperfectness; which point to God who is the Healer, Comforter, and Perfect in all His ways. So the joyfulness comes in knowing God is holding Kevin Ray Nichols - AND YOU - close everyday in every time. That’s when he realized that “God is my strength and my song” (Psalm 118:14). You can pre-order this album NOW on iTunes and at the music link above, as well as hear released singles on Spotify and other streaming media including, "Triumph & Tragedy" and "Old Rugged Cross."

Kevin Ray’s 2017 debut album, “Dreams Come True” told a musical journey from top to bottom; from his “beginnings” writing music with my brother, seeing “Dreams Come True” in his gracious marriage to his wife and seeing the miracle of birth in his daughters, to being “Restored” by God and being “Baptized” in the East China Sea in 2007 during his Air Force tour to Japan. Kevin now looks toward the future in his “always being restored" life with Jesus Christ, when one day the “Train Goin’ Home” will carry him through the “Rapture” on his way to Heaven. KRN prays that this journey inspires you and brings you closer to living your life for the one True God. 

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The inspiration for the new album: Psalm 118:14!

The inspiration for the new album: Psalm 118:14!